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How to Planning a Wedding and Checklist

Creative Ideas for Beach Wedding Planning

Walking along the seaside, with your beloved ones around, beach weddings are just dreamlike big day which is romantic, fun and exciting. However, it needs to be planned carefully to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

wedding rings for beach wedding ideas


Stating by choose the right beach wedding venues, and private beaches are highly recommended if you have enough budget. it is important that you choose a beach that does not get hit by wind directly. Consider the tide, the time of the wedding, the heat of the sun and possible weather change.

wedding aisle decorations for summer beach wedding ideas

the Every Last Detail

country rustic beach wedding reception ideas


Send beach themed wedding invitations to impress your guest and set the basic tone for your big day. They can come in different sizes and styles. You can make your own or have them custom made to your specifications. You can buy homemade wedding invitations from artists or online vendors that specialize in arts and crafts for weddings. You can buy invitations as plain or printed.

Blue Beach Wedding InvitesBlue Beach Wedding InvitesAs Low As $0.94

Seaside Blue Wedding CardsSeaside Blue Wedding CardsAs Low As $0.94

Pocket Beach Wedding InvitesPocket Beach Wedding InvitesAs Low As $1.59


Beach Wedding InvitationsBeach Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $0.94

Beach Wedding InvitesBeach Wedding InvitesAs Low As $0.94

Pocket Beach Wedding CardsPocket Beach Wedding CardsAs Low As $1.59


Black Beach Wedding InvitesBlack Beach Wedding InvitesAs Low As $1.59

Striped Beach Wedding CardsStriped Beach Wedding CardsAs Low As $0.94

Pocket Summer Wedding InvitesPocket Summer Wedding InvitesAs Low As $1.59


Beach Themed Wedding InvitesBeach Themed Wedding InvitesAs Low As $0.94

Nautical Wedding InvitationsNautical Wedding InvitationsAs Low As $0.94

Beach Color Wedding InvitesBeach Color Wedding InvitesAs Low As $0.94

Using beach marine organism like sea shells, starfish to decorate the venues and here’re some gorgeous beach wedding centerpieces. Ensure that you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guests. See to it that there is enough space as well. Plan the design elements that will go in the space. Decide how each table is going to look like as well.

teal beach themed wedding centerpeces ideas coral blush beach wedding centerpieces

triped nautical themed beach wedding centerpieces candle lights beach wedding centerpieces


When talking about beach wedding attire, I’d personally recommend ivory or white suits for guys and ombre bridesmaid dresses, like blue or coral. All the attires you are going to wear have to be comfortable and must be easily managed in a beach setting.

sand colored beautiful beach themed bridesmaid dresses beach blue bridesmaid dresses for summer weddings


beach wedding attires for guys


Wedding cakes play an important role in the beach them wedding planning and we can make full use of those cute shells and starfishes to create the perfect beach themed wedding cakes.

beach wedding cakes inspired by shells and starfishes