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elegant evening wedding then your bridesmaids will all have to opt for a more evening gown type of dress, while a beach wedding may be a bit less formal and allow for a more loose fitting style. The best way to allow your bridesmaid some individuality is to ensure that each one chooses a flattering style for their body shape. There is nothing more off putting than a bridesmaid who has been forced to wear a tight fitting dress that has all her lumps and bumps on display!

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let your bridesmaids choose a neckline that suits their body shape and style; let then decide on whether they want a sleeveless or sleeved dress. These are all very important aspects and you will have to decide if you are wearing a strapless dress whether or not you want any of your bridesmaids to be wearing strapless dresses.

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remember that your bridesmaids will have to foot the bill for their dresses and if costing is an issue then you can decide on a uniform readymade option such as a black velvet dress with your wedding colors incorporated in a scarf; sash; belt or accessories. Although black may not be a popular choice for a wedding it will be a dress your bridesmaids will be able to reuse.

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