Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas- Cakes, Invitations, Toppers and Shoes

Priscilla Peacock Wedding Invitation Sample - Ivory, Ecru, Teal, Green,

I am completely in love with a peacock themed wedding, and I am a huge  fan of anything and everything peacock-themed. If you have gone through my hubs and other blogs, you might be well aware of this fact.

I found some gorgeous peacock-themed pictures, and I can’t wait to share with you all!

Peacock Wedding Invitations:

Image souce: 1  2  3  4  5

You can find more Peacock invites from, must of them are unique and beautiful and you can also find peacock invites with the other colors such as purple, pink, brown and so on.

Peacock Wedding Cakes:

I am a big fan of cakes and I also collect lots of  peacock-themed cakes, here are them:

All of these cute peacock wedding cakes pictures   are from


Wedding Peacocks Cake Toppers

If you don’t want a peacock themed cake, you can choose a Peacock Cake Topper and here are some ideas blew:

More beautiful peacock cake topper ideas, click


Peacock style Shoes and  Peacock Shoe Clips

There are so many beautiful peacock shoes for wedding on etsy and I can’t help stop to click these pictures, here are my choice:



More peacock shoes ideas for brides, bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

PS: Some of them are just shoe clips, you can find all of them from etsy.

More peacock items including dresses, accessories, flowers will be shown on next post.  Good luck everyone!

If you’re going to a wedding with a peacock theme, click weddingchicks  and to find more peacock ideas.

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  1. [...] everyone! Yesterday I showed you 23 peacock themed pictures with the installment of  Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas- Cakes, Invitations, Toppers and Shoes. Today – as promised – I am showcasing the other series with about 25 more fabulous [...]

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